The Legend of Caillou

There is an urban legend about the alopecia of Caillou. It says that Caillou is bald because his author wanted to support people suffering from cancer.

Sadly it´s only a legend.

I want to feed this legend and make it real.

Do you want to help me?

Upload an image, crop it and lose your hair just like Caillou.

Save that image and use it as your avatar in Facebook, Twitter, Gravatar, Blog...

Once you have saved the image please upload it to the Facebook album and/or the Flickr Group and become part of the legend.

Thank you for telling the world that physical appearance is not that important. Made with all love and care by Cristian Eslava.

Upload a picture and become Caillou or download these avatars ready for use.

Spread the word and be part of the legend.